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From The Brian Schilling Journals:


Time…’s our most precious resource, more precious than water, electricity or any other resource, be it natural or man-made. It’s the one resource that simply cannot be replaced once used. It’s non-renewable…..and arguably, the most wasted resource known to humankind.

Until my time comes when I can turn to Internet Marketing full-time, I spend a good chunk of my day as Project Manager for a Fortune 300 company. Over the 5 years I have spent in this role, as well as those leading up to it, I have learned how critical a skill Project Management is. I have heard, this skillset is the most highly desired and commonly recruited type of position in the corporate world.


We are ALL Project Managers. The #1 responsibility of any Project Manager is to make sure their assigned Projects are completed on time or early – and within budget. Did you see the key word in there? TIME. How do Project Managers effectively meet these demands? By managing their time….and others’ time. But it all starts with yourself – you cannot expect to have others adhere to your time schedule if YOU cannot adhere to it. You have to be master of your day, master of your work flow, master of your destiny.


So, you ask….how is an Internet Marketer a Project Manager? Easy: We all have 1 project in mind to complete – doing everything it takes to become a successful Internet Marketer. We all know the path. We all know how to get from A to Z. But do we wander in between? Do we take detours along the way? Do we take detours from the detours? Before long, we find that 1 detour leads to 3 detours, and the next detour leads to 5 more. Sound familiar?

Every Internet Marketer I speak with, no matter how green or super-skilled, shares in this problem. It comes down to control – YOU are your own Manager. YOU control your destiny. YOU are behind the wheel of the vessel to get yourself to point Z. Just remember, at each stop along the way, there are mini-goals to complete. Our human tendency is to see these goals, see what we need to do….but are also looking around at the other stops coming up, to see what goals need to happen there as well. Unless we maintain our drive and focus, we wander off to those other stops – forcing ourselves to come back later.

This is reason why many Internet Marketers fail. So much TIME is wasted deviating from the path that we go in circles – and 1 month later, we look back and assess what we completed – only to see, we are right back where we started. Only then do we realize we have wasted valuable TIME….and cannot get it back.

Folks: I am throwing out a challenge to you. After you read this blog, get a piece of paper. write down 3 things you want to accomplish before your day is over. Keep that list in front of you to remind you to stay on course. Save these lists in a folder or binder. You will so much better about yourself when you can see you have clearly accomplished something. Got something that is taking time away from achieving these goals? Politely excuse yourself. Ask if you can chat a little later. See if the chore you need to do can be done later on. And if you are pulled off course….come back to your checklist. Make this a habit….and soon, you will find yourself with more TIME on your hands to devote for other things.