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Communication and Support with Newsletters
"Sure it sounds good, but it takes too much time!" One evening next month, your new distributor comes home from work and picks up his mail. As he looks through the stack, he says:"Bills, bills, junk mail, bills, junk mail, bills, overdue notices, bills, junk mail . . . and what's this?...
How to Sell Organs
I often talk about reverse marketing as a great way to build your business. Here is an example of reverse marketing. Hopefully it will get you to think about how you can use this technique to get more qualified, pre-sold prospects into your business. Not a lot of people wake up one morning...
Spending your prospecting funds wisely.
It's better to send twelve monthly newsletters to a prospect (less than $10) than sending one expensive video through the mail.  With 12 separate mailings, you have 12 chances of reaching the prospect when the time is right for him or her to join. Besides, your personal newsletter...
Autoresponders Build Interest In Your Business
If you are serious about marketing on the internet, then you should be using an auto responder to get your message out to your prospects. An auto responder is a tool that sends a series of emails to your prospect once they opt into your lead capture page, or replicated website. They can vary from...
The Importance Of A Lead Capture Page
We all want to grow our internet marketing business as fast as we can. The key ingredient to growing your internet marketing business is having enough prospects to talk with on a daily or weekly basis. You can't grow unless you have prospects to talk with. So, how do you fix this problem?...
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