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Duplication Is The Key To Building Your MLM Business

Building your MLM business is easy. You heard me correctly, it's easy if you can duplicate your sponsor's system. Success in MLM is all about duplication. If you can do what your sponsor is doing successfully and sponsor people, then you can turn around and show them how to do it. It must also be a realistic plan so it can be duplicated. Otherwise, you have a downline whose only direction is to go to another MLM, leaving you high and dry. Try some of these techniques, circle of influence, replicated website, or postcard marketing system.

However, let's not forget that you don't even need to actually duplicate your sponsor's system. If you are not happy with the way they do it, but love your MLM business, then develop your own techniques for growing your downline. Remember, YOU are always still the president of your own company so the burden of growing your MLM business always falls on you alone anyway. Too many people quit because they don't have direction. I say, choose your own direction with duplication techniques and teach your downline to do the same.

Taking this all into consideration, let's take a look at different types of duplication techniques that can work for you in building your MLM business. First, talking to prospects face to face in your circle of influence is always number one. Many people just teach 'circle of influence' to grow their business. Others however don't even want to bother with that technique for fear of immediate and multiple fast rejection. Rejection will eliminate people from MLM very quickly, so you want to avoid your downline being rejected as little as possible.

Most MLM companies have replicated websites for their MLM reps to use. Therefore, all you need to teach your downline is how to drive traffic to their websites. That way, prospects take a tour of your business leaving their name, email address and sometimes phone number for you to follow up with. By this time, the prospect has a good understanding of your business and will let you know whether they are interested or not. This is the point you start to build rapport with them, and then they will feel more comfortable talking to you. If done correctly, even a new person to MLM can learn how to drive traffic and get a few sign ups.

Another successful form of duplication is the postcard marketing system. This is when you mail hundreds, or thousands of postcards and drive the prospect to your website online. Many feel this is a growing trend, since getting someone's attention online is so difficult with dozens of MLM companies popping up every month. You start to build a connection with the prospect after you grab their attention in the mail, then finally talking to them on the phone. This is a simple technique to teach to your downline because everyone can learn the postcard marketing system. The key to duplicating with any of these techniques and growing your MLM is teaching your downline, and they teach their downline, and so on.

Will Drapcho writes on many topics to help the beginner and intermediate networker build an MLM business fast. Visit his site to learn more at

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