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Thoughts from Colin Cowherd on the "Grind" of MLM

I was riding in my wonderful mom’s car this week.  She generally has talk radio on.  It is quite often that Colin Cowherd “The Herd” is on when I am riding around with her.

I like the way Colin just says things as he sees it.  I suspect he steps on a lot of toes in the process.  However, he does not sugarcoat anything.  Life is what it is and the sooner one realizes that, the sooner one embraces it rather than fights it.

This week in particular, he was discussing the topic of former NBA players who become coaches or general managers of college or NBA basketball teams.  What he shared about work ethic versus talent and ego will never leave me. 

His observations have been that former stars in the NBA, who then take on coaching positions, do not have the same level of significant success.  Why is that?  Colin stated that though many of them were hard workers, others not as much, their raw talent and ego—which provided extreme self confidence took them to greatness over and over in games and throughout their careers.  However, that type of talent and self confidence, in and of itself, does not create magic in the area of coaching and managing a team.  He cited NBA (National Basketball Association) greats such as Isaiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler and even Michael Jordan as prime examples of this very thing.

T H E  G R I N D …

His observations have shown that defensive players often make the better coaches.  His theory behind that was that they understood and did “the Grind”.  The Grind”, in his explanation, is most easily defined as WORK!  They practice and work hard for everything they get.  They do not miss practice and generally get to practice early to work on “their game”.  Defensive players are not the American icons that great offensive players are.  They don’t shine like the sun to spectators because they are not making the winning shot with .01 seconds left on the clock.  Defensive basketball is making that shot possible or keeping that same shot from happening on the other end of the court. 

The one exception to the icons mentioned above was Larry Bird.  Larry was a superstar offensive player and has been very successful and highly respected as a coach.  The Herd mentioned his practicing countless jumpers in his barn in Indiana, and him showing up 45 minutes earlier than everyone else on the court before games.

Now what does that all have to do with network marketing? 

Simple.  There are people with the natural talent of selling ice to Eskimos and life insurance to dead people.  They just can do those amazing things naturally.  That is about 8% of the population here folks.

The rest of us (myself included) have to work hard at talking to people, knowing exactly what to do in a situation.  We cannot simply rely on “raw talent and self confidence on steroids”.  We have to do the work.  We have to learn skills and use them.  We have to make mistakes and learn from them.  We have to get up off of our backsides and do it again … and again … and again … and again until we get it right. 

However …….. once we get it right?  We get it right every single time from that point on.

We make great mentors and teachers because we can tell people “I’ve been there and I know you can do this if you just walk through this process.  I’ll walk with you.  I’ve been there before.” 

We also will not accept excuses of why it won’t work “this time” for an individual.  There are very few reasons to miss practice if excellence is the desired goal.  The team is counting on everyone doing their part, and weak links in the chain have to be let go?

The superstar recruiters’ general advice in my experience has been, “Just do it.  Get ‘em in or I’ll get ‘em in for you .”  But because I, in particular, couldn’t do it that way, for a long time I thought there was something wrong with me, that maybe I wasn’t cut out for this business.

We, like any great coach in any sport, understand what it is to create a tribe (new buzz word) of loyal friends, who become customers, who become business partners. 

We understand T-E-A-M and understand that no one was meant to do this business alone.

We do the work of network marketing.  Not net”whining” or net”wishing”. 

If you cannot tell, I do follow basketball pretty well for a girl.  I played basketball as a junior high kid and was a really scrappy defensive player.  I didn’t need the glory, I just wanted to defend and help my team.

There is nothing wrong with being a superstar.  Our society and world needs superstars so we can believe anything is possible.

There’s nothing wrong with being a grinder, either, because we do the rest of the work that keeps our society and world turning.

If you are a grinder getting nowhere?  Read this and it may explain why.


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