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Why Is Network Marketing Changing our Society?

There is a trend that I have noticed over the past year. As more and more people get laid off from their corporate jobs they go through stages. At first, they believe with an almost haughty air about them that with their "unique" skill set they can find a job very quickly. While some are fortunate to find a job, there are many people who continue to search in vain. That is when many of them start attending the networking events. They have already done a foray onto LinkedIn, and probably met someone there who told them to check out such and such event.


That is when I get the chance to meet them at the events. You can tell they are looking in vain, because the pride is gone. The pride of being part of a world-class organization, where they toiled for 15 years rising to the level of mid-level project manager with three people under them.


They tell you exactly what they want, because the recruiter teaching a freebie course to out of work employees tell them that they need to have specific goals. The challenge is that they all have the same goals. They think in corporate unison that they need the next high level project manager position for XYZ company on the Fortune 500 list of companies.


Fast forward a month or two, and you see them again. It is like they had their “Come to Jeebers” moment and now are in network marketing, telling me that they have found their passion. Some are being truthful, while others you can tell lay in waiting for a "real job".


I find it an interesting phenomenon brought about by a collision of social networking and the current economic malaise. People have realized that working the 9-5, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year position is not always a reality anymore. The idyllic version of working for an industrial conglomerate for 40 years as you save up for your pension is more the pipe dream than it was in the past.


Besides, as we have seen from those who have received that exotic dream, the pension cuts of recent years indicate that living on Purina is not exactly the life we all envisioned when thinking about our golden years of pension checks and travel.  


I see it as part of a societal shift away from the industrial age ideas that we all grew up to believe to be true, and into the information age where people must educate themselves to learn how to make a living. It will create a brighter, more dedicated country that can adapt to new ideas faster, but there will be fallout.


Network marketing, good or bad, has become a savior to many who flock to it in these times of distressed. It has gone from being a low level industry to a dominant business philosophy that will probably become a hallmark of business education in the next 10-20 years. It has completely redefined my clientele, as I look to help the believers in network marketing make their dreams come true by using social networking.


So where is the fallout? Network Marketing has a huge drop ratio. Look at the bottom of any network marketing company brochure and you will see the government mandated information about how much the average network marketer makes with them. Additionally, the number of people who drop from network marketing is huge.


What about all the people who do not succeed there? What do we do with them? Throw them to the wolves, or allow them to come back into corporate society. Tamed by the ideas of massive wealth, but possibly demoralized from losing the idea that they have job security and also that they can create a secure financial future for themselves as an entrepreneur. Do we really want to demoralize a large segment of society that way?


Instead, we have to make sure that the huge numbers of new network marketers are supported with an excellent sales support and personal motivation. Additionally we need resources, such as MLMSocial to help guide people to the correct network marketing companies. There are great network marketing companies out there and then there are the not so great. People need to be able to make educated decisions on who they will work for in the future.


It is our job as internet and network marketers to make sure that whatever societal structure we transition into, we allow everyone to come along. That might sound like a utopian dream, but it is vital for American culture to maintain its vitality and purpose. This country was founded on the belief that the people come first. As we transition into a new society, we must make sure that these core beliefs to our society remain intact as we embolden many to become entrepreneurs. Network marketing is almost like stepping back in time to when everyone owned their own business. Let us hope then that is a good step in our national well-being that so many people have taken the leap at once.


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