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What Does Your Audience Ultimately Want?

Do You Know What Your Audience Want?



What Does Your Audience Ultimately Want?



Their ultimate benefit being… be self-sufficient and independent … and to achieve freedom.




Your audience want to be free of obstacles that prevent them from achieving their dreams.




If your goals are to increase your credibility, exposure, traffic to your blog or website… helping your audience, it helps you.




You have all of the tools and experience to help them….




Help your readers and gain in your efforts by providing an informative, quality article using the Freedom Article Template from Ezine Articles.



5 Easy Steps to Write a Freedom-Benefit Article



Step 1 – Introduction

  • Hook your audience by leading with a benefit that helps the reader address their needs or overcome a problem in order to achieve freedom.
  • Tie-in your proposed strategies or methods as the solution.


Step 2 – Headline

  • Create a benefit-oriented headline before your list to help break up text and guide the eye down the page.
  • Define how many strategies or methods you will recommend to achieve or gain freedom (e.g., “5 Ways to Gain Financial Freedom” or “7 Steps to Be Free of Painful Exercises and Fad Diets Forever!”).


Step 3 – Strategy

  • Create a list of 3, 5, or 7 strategies or methods.
  • Describe each strategy and what it achieves.
  • Limit each list item to 2-3 sentences, but provide just enough informative content so the reader has a good lead.
  • If you feel the need to continue further, remember that you can expand each list item in another, standalone article.


Step 4 – Headline

  • Create a headline that bolsters the reader’s confidence – these strategies will help them achieve freedom (e.g., “How and Why These Methods Helped Me Gain Financial Success” or “5 Years Ago, I Lost 30 Pounds and Never Had to Diet Again”).


Step 5 – Conclusion

  • How did these strategies or methods help you gain freedom?
  • Stand in your readers’ shoes and reassure them by briefly sharing your experience in a non-promotional manner.
  • Provide evidence and avoid vague generalities by adding details to be more engaging with a personalized touch.




Create a list of obstacles you overcame in your niche….with each obstacle, consider how you broke free.




Help your audience and readers achieve independence and freedom by providing strategies and recommendations through your experience using this article template.





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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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