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List Building on Steriods


Perhaps the most important question all online marketers have is: 

How do I get more leads?


We all know that to have a viable business, new, fresh leads in your autoresponder are critical for building your business.  No matter what your primary business is, you need a list.  And you need to grow that list continuously.


Even if you get a few superstars in your downline, you still need to attract the next potential superstar.


I began participating in mini-events recently.  What in the world is a mini-event?  It's quite simple, but unbelievably powerful.  It's driven by solo ads.  It's the tide that lifts all boats.


If you are not familiar with solo ads, they're the list rentals of email marketing.  When I buy a solo ad, I am sending my offer to the list owner's list.  They will sell you a certain number of clicks.  These clicks turn into your opt-ins (your leads).  These opt-ins go directly into your email engine, and you can promote anything you'd like to that list, because you own it.  Your email campaign on the back end is your prospecting tool.  Your business will grow based on the effectiveness of your email campaign to your new leads.  Most companies will have follow-up emails you can plug right into your autoresponder.


Now back to mini-events.  This is a collective effort between marketers.  The event is comprised of a Host and Participants.  The Host has software that creates a capture page (also called a squeeze page).  When a person who receives the solo ad email enters their email address into the capture page, they are taken to a new page that has 12 to 20 free offers for tools, training, and/or other items relevant to building their business.  Each of the Participants provides a gift for the event page.  


Here is the real beauty of this method:

 - For the Host:  they get all the email addresses that go through the capture page deposited directly into their email autoresponder.  They get new leads sent by all the Participants.

 - For the Participant:  When a prospect clicks on their free gift on the event page, they are taken to a new page for that specific gift.  If they want the gift, they provide their email address on that page to the Participant, and can then download the free ebook, report, etc.  The Participant gets that lead.


Participants are responsible for sending traffic to the front-end capture page - most of the time by purchasing solo ads and directing them to the main event page.  I also use my own list to send traffic, and avoid the cost of buying the solo ad.


Here is an actual example from an event I participated in:

Bob is hosting 150 click mini-event that runs for a week.  He has 23 Participants.  All Participants send at least 150 clicks to the capture page (using their own list or buying a solo ad).  That's a minimum of 3,450 clicks delivered to the event capture page.  Usually it's significantly higher, as a reputable solo ad provider will over-deliver by 10 to 20 percent.  It was, in fact, a total of 4,044, or 17% more than the minimum expected for the event.  


Of those clicks, 1,177 opted in to the main event page.  Bob got 1,177 new leads.  Bob kicked in $100 for prizes.  His leads cost him less than $0.09 each.  That's leads… not clicks!  How crazy it that?  That's list building on steroids!


The other Participants received clicks on their gifts from a low of 100 to a high of 274.  In my case, I had 124 clicks.  My page converts at 49%, so I got 60 new leads.  I didn't cost me a nickel, because I used my own list rather than buying a solo ad.  Even if I had bought a solo ad for say, $60 ($0.40 per click), my optin cost would have been about a buck a piece.  Using my own list reduces that cost.


Building a list from these events will always give me the option of using my list for an event (zero mailing cost), or buying a solo ad.  I mix the two methods, and now my opt-in costs are running about $.025 each - which is a heck of a lot less than my previous unit cost just for clicks!


Could some of my folks have clicked on my gift and ended on my new list? Yes, but I know I have cross-pollinated my new leads with optins from other participants' lists.


As I sat here and wrote this article, I got a note from one of my buddies saying he has added over 9,000 subscribers to his list this month.  Wow!


Powerful.  Cost effective.  Scalable.  Do it!  


If you want to learn more, send me a message and I will add you to the group I set up for this.


Tim Grollimund

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