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Twitter "Twaddle" or Genuine MLM Marketing Tool?

Okay, so I’m the first to admit that I just didn’t “get” Twitter as a Network Marketing Tool at all!

140 characters of “lol” text and people pushing their latest biz op on you – I mean come on!!


Am I alone in this?


Thankfully it would appear not, as even some of the “gurus” agreed with me when I spoke to them at a live event recently, BUT they were able to share some real nuggets as to why it is also a great Network Marketing tool as well – you’ve just got to know how.


My problem with Twitter as a Network Marketing tool is that everyone just seems to “friend” you and then send out Tweets about their blog, their websites, their opportunity or their product.  So what happens?? Well if you’re anything like me then you stop “listening” and don’t bother following the links to find out about your “friends” anymore.


So the only time I used Twitter was to re-tweet my blog posts and hope for some regular traffic!


If you think that this works, well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t (I know!)  It doesn’t happen like that anymore.

So what can you do?

Okay, well first thing to know is that there are about 620 million people on Twitter every month (and growing all the time)!  It is currently the 10th most visited website in the world and millions are using it as a Marketing or Network Marketing tool!

As a marketer that should make you stand up and pay attention at the very least!!


When you use Twitter as a Network Marketing tool properly, it really can enhance your marketing and your business profile HOWEVER as with any of the social networks, if you do it wrong, you can ruin your whole “brand” and online reputation.


Here’s a few tips for you to guarantee you get leads for your business:


1)      So you may have noticed that everyone is “selling” something – So to stand out, you need to do the opposite DON’T put links into your posts ALL the time – keep it to about 1 in 10 posts.


2)      When you fill in your full name please DON’T use your website address or company name. This looks very bad and won’t do you any favours and will result in people not wanting to follow you – Make sure you have a (smiling!) photo of you with a brief but informative bio, to include words that you want to be searched and found by.


3)      Do NOT send an automated Twitter message in response to a friend request that has a link to your website or blog – this is a SOCIAL network – would you really walk into a room say “Hi” to someone new and then tell them about your business opportunity?  There are a few occasions where you could do this for example if you had found out about the person requesting the friendship and you KNEW what their biggest issues were – if you then sent them a link to some free training or an article on your blog that you KNEW they would be interested in – then this is providing VALUE and makes perfect sense.  Instead send them an automated response asking them to connect with you on Facebook or wherever you carry out your social correspondence (but NOT your blog or a personal website).  Keep it social.


4)      Make sure you’re re-tweeting regularly – If you don’t re-tweet it shows that you’re not really paying much attention to the tweets you’re getting and so people won’t pay any attention to yours either.


5)      Don’t ignore conversations with other people – remember this is still attraction marketing, even though it is on Twitter and you need to show your expertise and value so make sure you reply to @replies and direct messages.


6)      Use people’s NAMES.  You know Jim Yaghi (master PPC marketer) shared this with me and I think it’s a gem:

If there’s a high level of noise that you can hear in your sleep like the TV or people talking around you, you can sleep though it right?

BUT, if someone says your name…and they say it real quiet, just loud enough that you can hear it…it’s a SCIENTIFIC FACT, that you’ll wake up – right away!  It’s the same thing on Twitter.

There’s lots of noise, and people are immune to it. They don’t pay attention – use people’s NAMES and they will pay attention – it’s personal.


7)      Above all, remember that each Tweet on your “Network Marketing Tool”  stays “forever” on the Internet and can be searched on, so at all times, be professional and don’t speak disrespectfully of others or of companies (you can even be prosecuted for libel!)


To your success,

Nicky Price

Giving Clarity to Internet Marketing -


Here’s some really cool FREE Twitter training for you from another master marketer Ray Higdon: – Ray’s Twitter as a Network Marketing Tool training includes a daily blueprint action plan to GUARANTEE you get leads from Twitter. You’re welcome! Ray Higdon’s Twitter Blueprint


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