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Just before hitting the sack last night, I decided to open my Facebook chat and get to know someone in there that I hadn't the pleasure of getting to know just yet.

So it was I opened a channel with a very interesting 21 year old college student.

He replied immediately to my "Hello, how are you doing?"

And, we got talking.


Now here was somebody, hungry for knowledge. He explained to me, he had a room full of books about entrepreneurship and how to build success.


He mentioned, or should I say bragged about, how successful he had been in his company, making 10,000 dollars his very first month. He even went as far as calling himself a stud and that every Network Marketer was after him.


Now, words like these have to get you thinking.

I don't mean to say that what he told me was a lie. I am sure everything was true, just the way he said it.


What I mean has to do with personality characteristics.

A great MLM veteran, Michael Dlouhy wrote an e-book a few years back, that is making a massive change to the Network Marketing industry. One of the reasons it is having this effect is for its explanation on human personalities.


He describes the following four different characters, of which we all are a certain blend:


Yellow, 35% of the population. These are the nursing, teaching, nurturing kind of people. They give from the heart and never have time for themselves. Yellow's hate being sold. They do not like to talk about business. They are into family, their kids, the life they can have, doing their business.


Blue, 15% of the population. They just want to have fun, fun, fun. Blue's are always in jumping from program to program, not caring about the details, but seeing the big picture at once. They are the most creative people on earth. Blue's don't like to be sold either, but they will go ahead with things if they think it will be fun to do so.


Green, 35% of the population. These are the analytical people and actually can analyze things to death, missing opportunities, because they analyzed it too long. Green's always want all the information, all the detail and they need their own time to figure things out. Green's can take the Blue's idea to the next level. Green's do not like to be sold.


Red, 15% of the population. These are the big hitters in companies. They are money motivated, money focused. Red's treat Network Marketing as a sales business. If one lead says "NO", they jump straight on to the next, recruiting, recruiting, and recruiting. They are normally the once that everybody is looking for, because they are the "get-the-job-done" sort of people.


Good thing with Red's, they are very connected and they do not necessarily mind to be sold. Problem with Red's, they're only 15% of the population and they are totally uncoachable.


And here is where we get back to the story of me talking to my friend. Just by the way he described himself in the very first few minutes of our conversation, it was clear he was a Red, a big hitter, a stud.


He even mentioned he wasn't "recruitable" at this moment in time, meaning, he at some point would be open to being sold.


I will tell you one thing about Network Marketing. It is not about recruiting. It is not about the numbers, It is not about the money. Network Marketing, in order for it to work for everybody, is a teaching and mentoring business. You don't recruit, you sponsor. Making contact with only a few people, that you train well and get them to do the same with the people they bring into the business, has a long-term, big building effect.


So, next time you talk to someone, think about what personality that person is. What would this person prefer to talk about and what can you do to make this person’s life better. How can you help this person reach hers or his personal goals in life?


IIf you are reading this and you think, "WOW! I want to know more about this." just download Michael Dlouhy's free e-book: Success In 10 Steps.


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