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How to Kill All Your Effort in a Short Time!

Network Marketers know that building a good organization is not easy, it needs hard work, enthusiasm, training, leadership and persistence, it takes a lot of time. The good point is that all of your hard work, enthusiasm, training and etc will be duplicated and will become the culture of your organization, after a while you'll have a lot of people in your group that take the business seriously and they become your capital. You have a money making engine!


Switch "Switch Off" is one of the effective ways that you can destroy all of your effort and capital that you made by hard work! We use this term for the times that a network marketer ignores his/her group for a specific time. Not being available means "switch off". Availability for your organization is one of the basics of success in network marketing, being available is necessary for training your group, open their calls, answer their questions, solve their problems and encourage them, availability make them confident of you. The meaning of "support" (in my organization) is " I'll be there to help you build YOUR business whenever and wherever you need" so when you "switch off" you'll ignore the promise and meaning of "support".


Danger Switch Off is dangerous at any level whatever you are a simple sponsor or a leader with a big organization, but in higher levels it is more dangerous, there is NOT any acceptable reason for switch off, it affects your organization anyway. It is specially dangerous when it happens in a repetitive manner, it will destroy your reputation as a leader. Hard work, hard work, switch off, zero... start again, hard work, hard work, switch off and again zero! after some years you will find yourself working hard in your business and your organization is still small, also the money that you made from this business is not promising. In this situation they want to change the company and even business but it is a wrong idea.

Duplicate The worst part of switch off is its duplication, as I mentioned earlier in this article, all of your positive points will be duplicated and for this reason you will be paid in network marketing but negative things also have duplication! Stronger, Deeper and Faster, In network marketing, anytime you want to do something, think about its duplication, what happens if my down-lines do the same? cause they will! if you "switch Off" the duplication will be a catastrophe! in big scales you will lose hundreds and even thousands of hours work daily in your organization, it equals to thousands of dollars, if the reason that you are switching off for worth such kind of money it's Okay but in most cases it's not!

Mental This kind of "Switch Off" is obvious and has it's obvious effects, There is another kind of "switch Off" that is silent switch off, when a sponsor physically supports his/her organization but "Mentally" he/she "Switched Off", It is also very dangerous because network marketing is a very dynamic business that need a lot of attention and planing. Your organization needs your "Brain" as well as "presence".


Road Pass the road of success completely, your switch off will cause delay in your success, pass it once and forever, your integrity is very crucial to make a big success in any business and profession. Never Never switch off!

To A Prosperous Life!

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