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What Are The Success Variables Needed To Choose A Home Based Busness?

What Are The Success Variables You Need To Work From Home?

Being full time at home since 1990, I have studied most all programs and their pitfalls. I have learned which products are the most viable for long term income and which compensation plans are the most rewarding for people, especially the little guy! My primary focus is to give people the proper variables to succeed at home by choosing the right company based on success variables to give them. This is the most important decision you will make and if you make the wrong one, many will suffer!

I am going to get right to the point here and give people the ammunition to find the right company to make it the easiest possible to achieve success working from home! Just remember that choosing the wrong company not only wastes valuable time that is lost forever, but also may burn bridges of those who you bring with you to the wrong program! We MUST make it easy for people to promote, duplicate, and have true value in what you offer!

1] Choose a company that has at least a 5 year or more track record of success! Anything less and they will most likely fail or go out of business (over 98% fail)! Make sure their management team are true long term visionaries, not just short term money people! Do NOT join a publicly traded company or you will be at the mercy of investors who many times decide to drop distributors later for a higher profit margin! One that is privately held and plans to stay that way is the best!

2] Choose the best industry that most people want which is health and wellness! This will impact people's lives unlike other types of programs that don't. Programs that don't last are telecoms, travel, affiliate types, money games, cash gifting, buying clubs, and the list is long! There is only one problem with health and wellness! If you don't have a passion for this for you and your family, you most likely will not do well in it!

3] Choose "Value Priced Products" This is extremely important! Consider placing yourself in a customer's shoes! Would you not only buy the product now, but will you purchase it for a long long time since it is of great value to you. Is it either saving you money or the impact on your life is well worth the cost? Way too many people buy into HYPE instead of realizing the value first! I have seen this happen is many juice and energy drink programs or those with way over priced products!

4] Choose the right compensation plan! One that rewards everyone rather than only the big recruiters and the company! I have found a properly structured Matrix Compensation Plan is the best no matter what others might say! Some Matrix Plans do not make people money until late in the game, so call me with any questions about this! The worst in order are Binaries, Breakaways, Unilevels, Hybrids, etc...They typically make the big guys rich at the expense of the little guys!

5] Choose the right sponsor! This is equally important, especially if you need upline support! If you are like me, you don't need help unless it may be a system that they have that works better than mine. Also, I must like the person who is my sponsor or I would prefer not to make them income from my efforts! Make sure you interview them completely to see if you can work well with them and that they will give you full support! One of the major problems we have today is that too many people are just "recruiters" who simply throw people in a program without support and move on to let you fend for yourself!

6] Research and compare! Don't simply blindly jump into a program due to high pressure salesmen who call you to try and get you to decide right on the spot! These people know how to toss out all kinds of bells and whistles to get you to join now! If it sounds to good to be true, it is!!! One of the major problems is people think to much about easy money rather than long term income! Today the main reason people fail is they don't take the time to research a company and interview their sponsor. I see a lot of people go into these cash gifting programs and just remember a lot of people get hurt in these and so many at the bottom never make a dime and lose their entire investment!

7] Search the company and read the posts about it! A simple google, yahoo, or other search by typing in the name of the company first, then the name followed by scam to see what people have posted about it online. Here you have the opportunity to see how other people feel about it, what their experiences have been, their longevity, more about the owners and their background, plus a lot more! Just remember this a huge business decision for life, why not make the right one first! As they say, there are NO guarantees in life, but at least you can give yourself the best chance possible to succeed at home! Thanks & much success!

Tom Sparrow-CEO
Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc.
BS in Education from Central Michigan University in 1976
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