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Don't Let A Slow Start In Your Business Get You Down


If your new business is off to a slow start, don't be discouraged!  

Nearly every business takes a while to build up steam, and many
of the slowest starting individuals wind up being the most
successful over the long haul.
Many self-made millionaires will tell you they nearly went
bankrupt before they turned the corner, and a lot of now-giant
corporations were one deal away from going under in their early
Virtually every book you might read on entrepreneurs
details multiple examples of successful individuals barely
scraping by and seemingly heading toward failure when they were
first starting out.
Then there are the people you won't read about very often, people
whose ventures also looked certain to fail.  You won't read about
them because, unlike the success stories who kept going despite
the obstacles, these individuals gave up.  They went back to
working for other people or living off the dole, and faded into
permanent obscurity.
At least in the short run, this often seems like the easiest path.  
But, really, how easy is it to start all over from scratch with
a new business you hope (but don't know) will do better, or find
a well-paying job in this economy?  Not very.
As for the success stories, they kept going.  They kept pushing
forward, refusing to quit, until finally their efforts paid off.  
Word of mouth brought new business, the economy changed, they saw
the opening they were looking for or got the break they needed.  
And voila!  
Suddenly, instead of struggling to pull themselves up
a cliff with exhausted and trembling fingers, they had crested
the summit and were rolling downhill with unstoppable momentum on
their way to financial security, and ultimately to wealth and
I know you have the courage, resourcefulness and desire
to keep pushing forward, and I have every confidence in you.  
It's hard at first, but with each small, short-term goal you
achieve, you build momentum for the next milestone.  Soon, you
too will be rolling.
Frank Osorio
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