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Category: New Companies

 It is pretty popular these days to start your own tech company or to create a new gadget that is going to “revolutionize” the way we see things. Thousands of products like this have been backed up by a million people, including some famous investors, tech-gurus and what-not… But there 2 types of funding that an inventor or tech-starter company can rely on, that are almost prominent these days:

  • Investors
    In every society, even in our own, there are people, institutions and companies that are interested to finance a business idea that they can make a profit. Find out which companies have a history of various investments and identify companies whose business would benefit your business. Finally, talk to people, find someone interested in your idea. What you need to know about investors is that they become your partners. Unlike loans being returned and after repayment retain their business, in this case, the investor usually becomes part of your business.
  • Crowd funding
    Individuals worldwide can pay an arbitrary amount of money and so boost your business. One of the newest ways to start your own business is funding through crowdfunding. This is an ideal way to fund art projects, such as design, music and other creative industries. Sites such as IndieGoGo allow you to present your idea of ​​the world and ask individuals to help finance the business plan. Individuals worldwide can pay an arbitrary amount of money and so boost your business. You can set conditions such as minimum donation, but also share in future company compared to the funds invested.

The difference is you are not looking for financing institutions, for millions of individuals. This source of funding is very convenient, because the conditions you specify and provides financing for businesses that traditional investors are not interested. There are many sites that provide services crowdfunding. You can search, inquire about the conditions and about wagering their creative ideas throughout the world.

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