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Talk Fusion
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Flt.Lt. Nuthapat Lapsujiranan is an internationally and Locally renowned sales and marketing effectiveness expert, dynamic speaker ,Best- direct company’s Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning programs and corporate communications, most recently producer with World Tour Agency/Online Booking Agency. He is also co-founder with Worldwide True Buddha Foundation, Raffles Jeweler Ptc. Ltd., and Grand Hyatt Jeweler Co.Ltd., Accomplished result-oriented in Royal Thai Air force with 15 years of progressively higher leadership and management experience. Strong interpersonal and communication skills; proactively convey operational needs to executive-level management.

Nuthapat is Founder of Yummy Thai Kyoto Restaurant and Sport Bar in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. creator of the hugely successfully operated restaurant business for 10 years in U.S.A. Grew business
from the initial to increase revenues up to 1,300%! in the first year of operation, He has over 20 years of sales and marketing, management and founder’s experience in the enterprise software, hotels & hi-end restaurants in U.S.A. Highly knowledgeable, skillful and resourceful with great experience in F&B., and professional services industries and has held positions ranging from Advanced G.C.I. Controller of Royal Thai Air Force to Hotel Catering Manager to GM to Business Founder.


• Increased online sales 68% with visitor traffic growing 89% in a two year period.
• Developed new search engine marketing (SEM/PPC) program increasing sales over 50%.
• Identified search engine optimization (SEO) changes to content and architecture increasing sales by 40%.
• Improved Email sales 96% from revamped layout, message, merchandising and promotions.
• Redesigned website and shopping cart reducing overall bounce rate by 42%
• Achieved top 10% in product sales within the first 14 months of employment.
High School:
Armed Forces Academies Preparatory
Diploma, Computer Programming

1987 – 1989

New York Institute of Technology
Master's Degree, Art Communication

1998 – 2000

Royal Thai Air force Academy
Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science

1988 – 1993


Talk Fusion Center Co.,Ltd.

July 2010 – Present (3 years 3 months) 33-35 Asoke-Dindaeng Rd., Makkasan, Rajthavee, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

T: +66 2 652 8844-6 F: +66 2 652 8846 W:

Talk Fusion Center Co.,Ltd. is a full-service e-marketing companies for Standard Business ,Hotel, Resort,Tour Operators and Travel Agents.

The Responsibilities of this position include:

• Works with the Executive Management team to define the corporate e-commerce strategy.
• Analyzes and assesses the effectiveness of all existing operations and current needs based on new technology and market competition
• Works with the Business Units to improve, develop and advocate new promotional opportunities for Talk Fusion Center's products and services.
• Develops business plan and annual budget for e-commerce function. Supervises development efforts including content design and update.
• Oversees the day-to-day e-commerce operations, maintenance, and performance measurement of the company web site (internet and intranet.)
• Directly supervises one employee, E-Commerce Content Editor, in the Marketing Department
• Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Talk Fusion Center's policies including planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance under Talk Fusion Center Rewards Program; rewarding and disciplining employees; and addressing complaints and resolving problems
• Ownership and management of Customer Experience including Design & Aesthetics, Content, Navigation, Information Architecture, Branding/Marketing, Performance, Functionality
• Ownership and management of Internet marketing including social media integration
• Ownership and management of Technical Infrastructure
• Ownership and management of SEO measurements and monitoring methodologies
• Direct and manage internal and external teams
• Provide SEO/SEM/PPC and Internet Marketing thought leadership, innovation and process improvement initiatives.
Director Sales & Marketing
World Tour Agency Co.,Ltd.

November 2005 – December 2009 (4 years 2 months) 9305 N. Pinellas Park, Florida, U.S.A., 33782


Increasing online sales was my most important task at World Tour Agency Co.,Ltd.. I was Head of Site Management where we worked arduously to improve our conversion rate and increase our customer base also known as customer acquisition & retention. World Tour Agency was largest Travel Portal e-commerce website.

My responsibilities included:

Strategy online sales/customer acquisition/customer retention/ planning operation/ planning maintenance/ site optimization/ shop optimization/ multi-channel management/web shop improvement/ front page improvement/ new menu structure/ new sign up flows/ product development/ concept development/ search engine optimization (SEO)/ adaptive content and behavioral targeting/ use cases/ blogging/ project management/ content/

All my work was related to e-commerce and the key was to get a high conversion rate and a low churn rate. World Tour Agency's largest online Travel Portal
company with over 750,000 satisfied customers; eight years in a row we had World Tour Agency's highest customer satisfaction. The website had to convert the many
visitors to customers and serve existing customers. I was deeply involved in the following projects and tasks:

online sales/site optimization/product development/concept development/ social commerce, user ratings and reviews/ social media/ online campaigns/ web tracking/ web analysis/ search engine optimization (SEO)/ adaptive content and behavioral targeting/ prototyping/ site optimization/ e-mail marketing/ quality control of suppliers/ development of website/ implementing website/ development and production of newsletters/flash animations/ development and implementing new corporate sites/selected CMS system/ development and implementing product and subsites/implemented Web Trends/ SEO / SEM / development of web portal/ implemented web portal/coordinator between IT and content department/ Responsible for further development of the portal/ quality control of suppliers.
Hotel Catering Manager
Clearwater Grand Hotel, Clearwater, Florida.

August 2000 – June 2007 (6 years 11 months) 20967 US Hwy 19 N, Clearwater, FL 33765

Highly knowledgeable, skillful and resourceful Catering Manager with great experience in
meeting booking goals assigned for group rooms, catering/banquet revenues and coordinating
all faucets of groups assigned; working closely with hotel sales, banquet teams and GM to
insure timely booking, coordination, communication and execution of group requirements.
Responsibilities include management of all aspects of facility set up, food and beverages
service. Supervise banquet servers, attendants, bartenders and other staff. Execute banquet
events according to the banquets order and catering specifications. Ensure the banquet
decoration, staff preparation, staff uniform and cleanliness. Communicate with the kitchen
staff regarding the catering. Carry out disciplinary action and supervise the performance as
required. Responsibility also includes the cost control by assisting the management regarding
food, beverage, decoration and other equipment purchase.
Advanced G.C.I. Controller
Royal Thai Air Force

Government Agency; 201-500 employees; Aviation & Aerospace industry

February 1993 – November 1998 (5 years 10 months) Bangkok,Thailand

Rank: Fight Lieutenant (Advanced G.C.I. Controller)

Accomplished result-oriented in Royal Thai Air force with 12 years of progressively higher leadership and management experience ready to transfer versatile knowledge and skills to a career in the private sector. Proven success in human resources, staff management, and operations management and computer operation. Proficient in delivering comprehensive analyses and reports to facilitate site-wide improvement and continuity. Strong interpersonal and communication skills; proactively convey operational needs to executive-level management.