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Posted: Sat 10 March 2012 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

Breaking MLM News Report

The Limu Nation is Breaking Records Month Over Month in The USA & Japan!

Memo to Gary for Limu President’s Call 3/1/2012

Let’s go back a couple days in time. Let’s go back to February 2012, which came to a close a whole couple days ago. Stats

Feb 2012 vs. Jan 2012

* Enrollments up over 55% * US Daily Sales (new recruits) - up 55%

Jan/Feb 2012 vs Jan/Feb 2011

*Total enrollments - up 435% *Total US Daily Sales - up 420% *Japan daily sales - up 200% *Total Daily Sales - up 325% *Total product sales (daily and AutoShip) – up 85%

Feb 2012 vs Feb 2011

*US Daily Sales - up 600% *US and Japan - up 500%

February 2012 had the most new enrollments since we opened this company!

Yesterday February 29th was the single biggest day for enrollments in the history of The LIMU Nation (double what we had the previous biggest day). Most new 2K VIPS ever in one month (140) Most new 20Ks ever in one month (28) Most new 100Ks in one month (5) New 200K in Japan – He’s been in the business for only two months.




New 500K in the USA - TREY KNIGHT

Five of the last six months (Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan and Feb) The Limu Company had dbl digit growth over the previous month  

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