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Basic Information
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My Company :
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My Website:
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Education and Work
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Other MLM Companies:
Although not an MLM company, I am also the Founder/Director of BulliesOut Anti-Bullying Charity. BulliesOut provides help, support and information to individuals, schools, youth and community settings affected by bullying.
My Expertise:
I worked in MLM from 1993 - 2001 then had a break and have been with Avon since January 2011. Through my career I have gained experience in recruitment, training, project and people management - all of which help me in my role as a Sales Leader and also with BulliesOut.
What You Need Most Right Now:
Contacts, Networking, Corporate Sponsorship (BulliesOut)
High School:
GlanEly High School, Cardiff
Open University
Personal Information
About Me:
I am the proud mother of 3 wonderful sons who are my life and the sun shines in my world because of them.

In May 2006, I set up BulliesOut -

The charity provides help, support and information to individuals, schools, youth and community settings affected by bullying. For information about our projects visit

I am also a Sales Leader with Avon and am loving the role. Fantastic products and a fabulous business opportunity with hours to suit. Avon gives you an earning opportunity that is equal to your own ambition - What more could you ask for? Message me for more details or visit

I dislike bullying, rudeness, ignorance, arrogance and being around people who look down on others. I'm mad, wacky, crazy and an absolute nightmare when crossed! Very organised, hate mess and love chocolate! Do I have a fault?? ... Yes, I'm far too trusting.

I can handle anything that life throws at me. I may not be able to handle it well, or correctly, or gracefully, or with finesse ... but I will handle it.

I love the sound of the sea, the sand beneath my feet. Walking in the snow. The sound of laughter.The smell of freesias. Venice, a beautiful city. My work, reading, swimming, dancing . Would love to swim with Dolphins one day, walk through a field of poppy's, visit the Taj Mahal. Will I ever do it all and does it really matter? As long as we are happy and healthy the rest is just a bonus.
Activities and Interests:
When I'm not working, I love to read ... especially when sat on a beach listening to the sound of the sea. I love watching a good film (usually one which stars Russell Crowe) and going to the theatre.
Favorite Authors:
Danielle Steel, Andy McNab, John Grisham
Favorite Books:
Touching the Void, The Tudors, Why Men don't Talk and Women Can't Read Maps!
Favorite Quotations:
If you want to be happy ..... then be!

In the end we only regret chances we didnt take. The relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited to long to make. There comes a time in your life when you realise who matters, who doesn't, who never did and who always will.
Favorite Music:
Bon Jovi, REM, Meatloaf, Take That, Michael Buble, David Essex, MJ
Favorite Movies:
Gladiator, Notting Hill, About A Boy, The Green Mile, Cinderella Man, PS I Love You, Master and Commander, Body of Lies, Saving Private Ryan, The Fighter, last 3 Days, The Kings Speech ..... the list is endless
Favorite TV Shows:
The Tudors, Friends, Wild at Heart