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I am an entrepreneur and I am passionate on what I do. I love business and personal development. I only surround myself with successful people and people who thinks big.

When I started my career as entrepreneur at the age of 18, I struggle a lot in my first business.I did a lot of mistakes and It cost me to loose a lot of money.I borrowed some money from my relatives so I can run my business.

At that time I made a lot of sacrifice so I can fund my business and keep it running. I stop buying new clothes and sometimes I will not eat lunch and dinner so I can use the money to attend the meetings and trainings available to help me succeed in my business.Its ok for me because thats the price that I have to pay for me to become successful.

and after 1 1/2 year of struggle in my first business, I look for a solution on the internet. After a few months of research I found a solution that can help me build my business using the internet.

However when I told my business partners about the Idea of building my business using the internet, they did not like it and they told me that I don`t need to try any other strategies.

I did not believe them because I am very stubborn and I know that there is a lot of successful entrepreneurs using the same strategies that I found in the internet.

So what I did is I bought some training courses on how to use the internet to build my home based business and I did it alone without the support of my previous business partners. I work hard and I keep on learning every day.

however its not enough to give me the results that I want, So what I did is I search for the best entrepreneurs in my industry(entrepreneurs who are making millions of dollars). after a few months of searching I found a very successful entrepreneur in my field.

So what I did is I leave my previous company And joined the guru`s that I found on the internet. they became my mentor and they teach me a lot of stuff that help me a lot in my business.

I apply the strategies that Ive learned from them and I just focus on one strategy in building my home based business. after a few months of hard work ,It gave me great results. I have more knowledge than my other competitors because I just focus on one strategy.

Right now I am doing my business full time and I`m getting good results. I am now also sharing some of the strategies that Ive learned to my fellow entrepreneurs.

If you want to learn more about me just go to -