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Posted: Sun 25 March 2012 - 1 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]


Tripler fraud evaluation with JustBeenPaid.


Believe it or not, a lot of people are promoting this online money opportunity without even risking their own cash into it. In short, they force others to join their downline without even being able to verify if JustBeenPaid actually delivers the money to everyone. What a bad practice… LOL


As well as, if you have any kind of info that you want to share concerning JustBeenPaid, discuss it in the comment section below. It’s alright if you are having good results, just share them with no Hypes. Thanks!  Your critics to my work are welcome too.


Lot’s of new sites are popping up trying to rival JBP’s JSS Tripler. I love JSS Tripler and it continues to pay me according to it’s promises showing that it continues to be sustainable and paying! I utilize a combination of reinvestment, cashout, and of course referring to take advantage of the referral bonuses.  No need to refer to earn though especially because now, new members get $10 to invest in JSS Tripler.


First, we are not talking about a classic HYIP scheme here. I have been observing JustBeenPaid since mid 2011, when it was already quite a popular opportunity, attracting way more people than the usual . What I want you to realise is that the thousands of affiliates who market the JSS Tripler built a very very solid network that promotes their referral link and earns a commission.


"What makes the JSS Tripler Last Longer than any of the others? It has a restart feature, with this you are always gaining momentum financially, not losing it".


Examine some JSS Tripler Reviews from Alexa and Reviewopedia.


That's it for now,  i'm doing fine with the JSS Tripler financially, but i would like to know what your opinion is on this matter by voting above or commenting below.


Graham Dur


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