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As part of Monitum's brief to right the skewed power structure between MLM owners and independent marketers, they have created an industry-first STRATEGIC ALLIANCE AGREEMENT will all MLM Partner Companies in their portfolio.

As an experienced marketer, you can appreciate that compliance issues form the basis of an attack on your ability to access multiple streams of income and your choices to act as a bona-fide business operator rather than a simple distributor. These undue burdens on your business can reflect badly on the nature of your relationship with your network as the provisions of your service are strongly biased towards the MLM owner's needs rather than those who rely on you as a trusted leader with their interests coming first.

An extract from the agreement shows the protections in place that will act to place you in surer footing in the long-term viability of your network marketing business.

Disciplinary Guidelines for Monitium Associates
Company agrees not to pursue any compliance action against any Monitium Associate (individual, S-Corp, LLC Business, etc.) that enrolls with Company, without first supplying written notification to Monitium. Written notification will include all evidence upon which Company is relying on to initiate a compliance department investigation. During Company’s compliance department investigatory process, Company agrees not to withhold associates commissions, bonuses, rank advancement or associates access to Company supplied back-office. Upon conclusion of investigation, if Company believes any wrong doing has been established, Company agrees not to formally or informally take disciplinary action against associate without first supplying full written disclosure of any additional evidence developed during its investigation that Company believes establishes wrong doing. Company agrees to also first discuss with and secure the prior written approval of Monitium before taking any disciplinary measures against associate. If in Monitium’s opinion, evidence gathered by Company supports the level of disciplinary action being sought, Monitium will not unreasonably withhold its approval. However, if Monitium believes the evidence presented does not establish wrong doing on the associate’s behalf, or if wrong doing is established, but Monitium believes the level of requested discipline to be unreasonable, Company agrees to only discipline associate at the level agreed to by Monitium. If Company believes Monitium’s position on level of discipline is unreasonable, Company may request a 3rd party review by Industry Expert Rod Cook (MLM WatchDog Editor). If said review is requested of Rod Cook, Company and Monitium mutually agree to abide by his final decision.


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Belief in ABUNDANCE is indeed highly attractive. One must also have a strong sense of appreciation and gratitude for the things in your life that together make up the playground of your essential self.


I am passionate about making sure that marketers in the network marketing industry have the best possible opportunity of success and fulfilment, dealing with ethical, inspiring and loyal partners. Part of my brief is to present a new paradigm in relationship building and network security that completely does away with the disconnect (often unexamined, yet vitally important) between MLM Management and their Independent Marketers. One is based on affirmative relationship building, and the other on the bottom line and the ultimate benefit to owners who do NOT share authentic liaison with their marketers. This can be (and has been quite often) highly problematic to enduring secured residual income that is the defining difference in how MLM differs from the turnover sales model.


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The NETWORK is more than a numbers game, it is at its heart the ESSENCE of friendship.


Hello Friends,

It's Giovanni, sharing with you tidings that bring us together in the spirit of friendship with the aim of expanding our success in this great Industry.

This is the sad thing about building confidence in an MLM Company that you have NO CONTROL over:

Eiero Research is no more and the leadership team had NO IDEA they were going down. This will continue to happen in the industry so long as our leaders keep promoting companies they have no control over and building downlines supporting MLM owners and their management abilities (or lack thereof). We have no control over that aspect of the business.

However, we can make sure we bring ur team into a SAFE ENVIRONMENT, insuring continuity, where their work, investment and passion are not compromised in this way -- EVER.

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 Monitium’s 2011 Lighting The Fire Contest

Cash Giveaway of $145,300 US Dollars



The concept is very simple...


Rewarding those who get laser focused on their business for 2011



Monitium is Piling up Cash in a Bonus Pool every week to give away to lucky qualified associates and paying BIG MONEY to the top enrollers for every month’s top enrollers from January to June from a combined Cash Pool of $145,300 USD!


Here are contest parameters and payouts...


Weekly Bonus Pool Payouts From A Pool of $26,400 U.S. Dollars!

A draw from a pool of associates to see who wins the cash prizes for the week.


·    To qualify, bring on 5 NEW FREE ASSOCIATES who upload their picture and profile information within the draw week (Saturday-Friday). 

MORE CHANCES TO WIN-> For every 5 additional Free Associates you get to join Monitium, your name gets put in the draw again. 

·    1st Draw is Monday Night, January 10th 2011, then every week thereafter. 

·    In January 2 Associates Get Cash Every Week from a pool of $1,600


·    In February 3 Associates Get Cash Every Week from a pool of $2,400

·    From March thru June 7 Associates Get Cash Every Week from a pool of $5,600


Top Enroller Payouts From A Pool of $118,900!


Are you the best recruiter at Monitium? If so you will get rewarded and recognized by Monitium’s international community! Every month Monitium is paying out Cash to the top enrollers!


In January Monitium will pay cash to the top 3 enrollers from a pool of $3,400

In February Monitium will pay cash to the top 4 enrollers from a pool of $7,500

In March Monitium will pay cash to the top 5 enrollers from a pool of $15,000

In April Monitium will pay cash to the top 5 enrollers from a pool of $23,000

In May Monitium will pay cash to the top 6 enrollers from a pool of $30,000

In June Monitium will pay cash to the top 7 enrollers from a pool of $40,000



So who is the best of the best?

The playing field is level!

The rules are set...

Let’s see what you got!


To see full Contest details go to your dashboard and click on the new marquee image and download the new flash Fire Contest Brochure:


If you want to take advantage of this contest, do so be enroling FREE in our 30-day trial here:



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The scope of madness is only a little shorter than the breadth of wisdom. And thus when we are dissuaded of all the flutters and ilk of the crowd, do we shine with the light of authentic self-hood. A leap into the unknown is often the prelude to breakthrough. From there we realize the need to take action and grasp what is truly your own and share it with the children of the Earth.


We cannot know what we do not know–but we can know that in not knowing, we are free to do what others who do know think cannot be done. In this sense, we become the creators of our destiny and do not simply toil within someone else's version of the possible.


Being free to explore our own future can only enhance the power not only of ourselves, but also of others who see the quality found in following one's true path.

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The sun shines, the clouds form, the rain falls and the earth is satisfied. From the matrix of fire, air, water and earth and as creatures of a universe of exciting possibility we evolve into a new paradigm of prosperity.


Recognizing our common heritage in the elements, we bring together a spirit of singular vision, recognizing the necessity of working together to achieve our personal dreams and rise to meet the challenge.


One of the biggest obstacles to success in network marketing is not having a solid understanding of WHY you should be doing something. Money is the obvious reason, but it is usually not the underlying reason. If you want to look into your why, go a little deeper, and you will know when you have it as your answer will ring like a fine-tuned bell.


What makes you who you are? Are you what you do, or how you think, whom you know, or where you have come from?


If you feel that you are not what you want to be, then the question might be, what is that in me that when confronted with obstacles will not dissuade me from my goal? We all have that strength of direction and certainty, and to access it, we could do to filter out everyone else’s expectations, their persuasions and their agendas, and listen intently to our inner voice, the one that has never really stopped speaking, but that sometimes we become to distracted it simply becomes lost in the buzz and noise of our busy lives. When you listen to your inner voice and cherish it, you gain an unstoppable strength and power to achieve what is perfect for you as a unique individual. You become grounded in the centre of your truest nature.


With this ideal in place of genuine interaction with others who know themselves and follow their inner knowing, we would like to invite you to consult with us on what will prove to be an exciting and worthwhile future paradigm based in great new ideas and prosperity for all.

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One of the primary reasons that MLM appeals is the promise of residual income from which one may retire. To achieve this, marketers generally accept lower commissions on their sponsorships than would direct sales people who take their commission and move on to the next sale, emphasising turnover. The network marketer, however, maintains a life-long partnership with those sponsored, as success is dependent on the effectiveness of the downline.


The downline is in effect the distribution network for the MLM Company’s product. A percentage of the profits from every sale in this network go to the marketer for as long as the MLM Company exists.  This is how residual income is produced, and the marketer may decide to retire on this presumed reliable and secure income.

Often there are specific clauses in many Policy and Procedures documents enabling termination of the marketer agreement. This automatically causes all residual income the marketer has worked to establish to cease.


The primary motivation for developing relationships with the downline is to establish a solid basis for this residual income. Continuing to place emphasis on gaining and maintaining a residual income through MLM activities is problematic and can never be assured due to clauses in the P & P document. It has been put that the primary reason for summary cessation of marketer contracts where residual income is high, but marketer participation is low to non-existent, is due to overhead. Essentially, your future retirement plans are at the discretion of the MLM Company and it’s in-house account rationalisation.


This brings up the issue of value. What does the MLM Company value most? Foremost, your downline is their greatest asset. Even though you worked as an independent marketer to create an expansive network, if your contract with the MLM Company is rescinded, the MLM company now own this downline. The leverage you had is gone; your residual income is gone. You cannot realistically fight contract law and expect to win. Your only option is to start again, from scratch.