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Created on Tue 19 April 2011 10 votes, 0 comments, 3969 views
We've been fielding suggestions from the field, and we'd like to hear from you! MLMSocial already has a ton of value for FREE Members. Do you think that MLMSocial is too generous in offering FREE Members the ability to earn commissions on 2-Levels?

Created on Thu 6 January 2011 27 votes, 0 comments, 2357 views
As we roll out the new MLM opportunity of MLMSocial, we will be reaching out to the MLMSocial community to get your input. We're currently in the process of creating MLMSocial banners to help you promote MLMSocial and grow your business. We will pick from the banners that are most popular. If you have any other suggestions not listed, feel free to click other and add your comments below. Thank you, David Track

Created on Fri 24 December 2010 16 votes, 0 comments, 2150 views
As we continue upgrading MLMSocial in an effort to become your most powerful network marketing tool, your opinions are invaluable to our growth. We'd like to know, what do you think of the Chat Bar at the bottom of the page?

Created on Tue 20 July 2010 24 votes, 0 comments, 2148 views
If none of the poll options are your number one preferred method of marketing, please choose Other, and list your choice in the comments below.

Created on Fri 19 March 2010 22 votes, 0 comments, 2081 views
We're debating on whether or not to offer a music plugin that will allow you to add music to your MLMSocial profile if you wish. For example, we could integrate with, or another music plugin. We value your feedback, and our decision to add this to MLMSocial or not hinges on your replies! Thank you for your participation!

Created on Tue 9 March 2010 19 votes, 0 comments, 1281 views
What term do you think is the most universal when referring to someone who sells for an MLM Company? The number one choice will become the title for one of our new products soon to launch on MLMSocial. Thank you for your help and participation in this poll! To Your Success, David Track

Created on Sun 3 January 2010 24 votes, 0 comments, 1786 views
There are many different MLM companies, and many different compensation plans... with lots of successes in all of them. Which MLM compensation plan model is your favorite?

Here is a quick breakdown of the following plans:

1) Binary - Binary plans promote recruiting in a downline of two legs of distributors (left and right “profit centers”), with incentives to maintain matching sales volume between the two legs.

2) Unilevel - Unlimited first-level width with a depth of usually 5 to 10 levels. Every distributor the person sponsors is considered to be on that sponsor's frontline and there are no width limitations, meaning there is no limit to the amount of people one can sponsor in the frontline. The common goal of this plan is to recruit a large number of frontline distributors and then encourage them to do the same. This is due to the fact that commissions are normally paid out on a limited depth, which typically means sponsor can earn commissions on sales between 5 and 10 levels deep.

3) Two-Tier - Pays on two levels infinitely wide. Because it only goes two levels, the payout is typically much higher than other MLM pay plans. Higher commissions are paid on 1st level (personal sales) and lower commissions on 2nd level (sales from your recruits).

4) Matrix – A limit is placed on the number of distributors in the first level and on the number of levels deep. Additional recruits “spill over” into the next level. Growth is limited (for example, 4x12=48 total downline)

5) Stairstep Breakaway - Characterized by having representatives who are responsible for both personal and group sales volumes. Volume is created by recruiting and by retailing product. Various discounts or rebates may be paid to group leaders and a group leader can be any representative with one or more downline recruits. Once predefined personal and/or group volumes are achieved, a representative moves up a step. This continues until the representative "breaks away" from their upline. From that point on, the new group is no longer considered part of his upline's group - hence they are a "breakaway".

6) Aussie X-Up - Often implemented as a 2-up, the X-up compensation model is unique. The first X number of people you refer are passed up to your sponsor and treated as "Training Sales". After that, you're considered 'qualified' and can earn on each and every member you bring in thereafter. The leverage comes into play when the first person AFTER you're qualified enrolls, and you work with them to make their first X number of sales... which in turn will be passed up to your front line until they become qualified.

7) Hybrid - Compensation plans that are constructed using elements of more than one type of compensation plan.