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David Thoughts det­ermine what ­we want, act­ions determi­ne what we g­et!
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Thoughts det­ermine what ­we want, act­ions determi­ne what we g­et!
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Birthday: (57 years old)
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I am an MLM Company Owner
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Track Companies, Inc.
MLM Social;
Founder & CEO
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Activities and Interests:
MLM; network marketing; internet marketing; social networking; affiliate marketing; creating; blogging; selling; branding; software development; web development; training; coaching; mentoring; copywriting; speaking; playing the guitar, trumpet, piano and drums; writing music; singing; anything related to Benjamin Franklin; trying new and interesting foods; creating new business ideas; playing chess; watching football; reading history, philosophy, self-improvement, thrillers and autobiographies; spending time with my wife.
Favorite Quotations:
"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth the reading, or do things worth the writing."
~Benjamin Franklin
Favorite Music:
Jesse Cook, James Taylor, Jerry Garcia, Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty, Ub40, Louis Armstrong, The Police, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Coldplay, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Diana Krall, America, Bread, Sade, Dr. John, Neil Diamond, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson, Larry Carlton, Albert Collins, Tom Waits, John Coltrane, Lyle Lovett
Favorite Movies:
Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Rudy, Gladiator, The Usual Suspects, The Fugitive, To Kill A Mockingbird, Dances With Wolves, Terminator series, Braveheart, Tommy Boy, School Ties, Young Frankenstein, There's Something About Mary, Wedding Crashers, Old School, The Outer Limits, The Notebook, Schindler's List, Some Like It Hot, Back To The Future, The Professional, The Point of No Return, Spiderman, Superman, It's A Wonderful Life, Sleepless In Seattle, Lorenzos Oil, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Favorite TV Shows:
Breaking Bad, The Office, Lost, Family Guy, True Blood, Testees, Dexter, 24, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, CNN, Forensic Files, Lucky Louie, Carnivale, Nip / tuck, Lonesome Dove, Friends, Will And Grace, City Confidential, Deadwood, Sanford And Son, Whats Happening, Dominic Dunne, Six Feet Under, Taxi, Cheers, Frasier, All In The Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Good Times, The Odd Couple, The Jeffersons, I Love Lucy