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Category: Mobile Marketing

You have most likely heard a great deal on how to use mobile ads and  mobile marketing in the past 8-10 months. You will hear a lot more in the months to come. It’s very quickly becoming the next massive marketing platform.


Several factors come into play when we start to look at the potential of mobile marketing.


Over 5 billion plus users worldwide have a mobile phone. Compared to the Internet which is about 1.9 billion users – It’s quickly increasing and in some countries there is no longer landlines available.


The mobile phones are becoming so sophisticated that a lot of users no longer have a computer at home and strictly rely on their phones to stay in touch with family,friends and business associates.


Your mobile phone is now your computer, your virtual office,your communication with your kids, your banking, booking vacations,social media, take photos,videos and the list goes on.


For marketers this is a dream come true. As we all know any type of marketing is all about getting in touch with potential clients and staying in touch with your present clients.


With this new option that’s all of a sudden with in hands reach. Mobile users pretty much never leave home without it. They have it near by when at home. When it rings, buzzes or other the user reaches for the phone – the magic call to action is instant!


With mobile marketing you now have access to a massive community of instant users. You’ll be able to impact their decisions through the different mobile advertising platforms that are available for mobile marketing.


For instant bulk texting is extremely popular and the instant gratification factor that comes into affect when people are searching for something and you’re the one providing that product or service.


Mobile marketing

is here to stay and the next giant to watch for.