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Social Network That Pays

Facebook and MySpace have proven to be hits in the online social networking market, People String is not just another place to meet new people online, a unique compensation plan was developed to share revenue with the users generated from their online activities. It is a breakthrough in social media, connecting the corporate advertising market directly with the users, to achieve the most efficient and direct marketing possible.

Everytime an ad is clicked on FaceBook, FaceBook receives anywhere from $0.55-$3.00  on average depending on keywords. That is alot of money for one click which can really ad up fast. People String will share 70% of that with the users. It is expected that each user will generate People String $10-$50 a month. Here comes the best part, your share is stated below,




Free members earn 5% of their direct referrals earnings and 2% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6. Entrepreneur members earn 20% of their direct referrals earnings and 6% of all earnings on levels 2 through 6.

Don't worry about getting people to join if your new at marketing, if you attend the webinars and put forth good effort People String will place orphans in your line, hundreds and even thousands of people who sign up without a sponsor will be distributed among the members. 

For more info you can attend the webinars and learn more about this great opportunity uponsignup. 
Sign Up Here- PeopleString Homepage

Come join the fastest growing online social networking community since twitter. Here at People String you will not have to pay anything whatsoever to start earning money. If you love pay to click or paid to click websites (PTC), this is way better, you don't have to have 100,000 referrals till you you make any real money, you can earn dollars per referral each day as I have HERE