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In December 2009, Revolucion launched two revolutionary natural whole food derived drinks. The (Start) energy drink and (Defense) a super anti-oxidant beverage as the first of many powerful products. Revolucion product line will expand into weight loss and daily consumables wellness product in the very near future. Developed by a world class nutritional formulators, and has created the most significant ready to drink beverages in our history or perhaps our time. We have not ever seen any other nutritional product improve the health of people so quickly and dramatically. Revolucion 100% whole food ingredients in our formulations make up unique products like never seen or tasted before.

DEFENSE, low in calories, deliciously satisfying, supplies the body with an antioxidant power of over 7,000 ORAC. Using the collective knowledge of the antioxidant capacity of foods, they've chosen fruits and botanical known for their nutritional density and overall phyto-nutrient content. Their proprietary blend contains nutraceuticals that support the body's natural defense against free radical damage and cell injury. The ingredients selected for DEFENSE are also well known for their ant-aging and anti-cancer enhancing effects.

Why Is Start Better Than Any Other Energy Drink?

START and all of the Revolucion beverages, contain only the highest quality whole food ingredients-no synthetic vitamins, colors or sweeteners. Natural Energy Boost • 100% All Natural • Whole Food Ingredients • No Synthetics • No Chemical Preservatives A delightful energized Cranberry Apple (Cran-Apple) fruit flavored energy drink that has a captivating and refreshing flavor that leaves you mentally and physically energized, with no crash or harmful ingredients. Loaded with antioxidants, this is truly an energy drink that works with the body, not against it.

Each component was carefully selected to supply the body with sustained energy, while enhancing focus and overall performance. Botanicals where included to protect the liver, support heart health and increase fat metabolism. Below you will hear how START is much more healthier than any other drink out there.


Why Should You Join Revoluicon World Wide The Fastest Growing New Direct Sales Company?

For a very small investment you can have your own energy drink business, you will be partnering up with a company that has state of the art technology and very strong leadership to help you succeed.   You can have your business running today for as little as $2 dollars a day that is $60 dollars a month.

Three ways that you can choose to participate

1. You can purchase revolucion products online if you simply want to try the product. But keep in mind that you can get the revolucion product wholesale pricing shipped directly to your door by simply enrolling as a Revolucion distributor.

2. In addition to wholesale pricing, enrolling as a Revolucion World Wide Distributor has many other benefits including reserving your placement in one of the fastest growing new direct sales companies and enabling you to start generating your own passive residual income simply by sharing the product with at least one other person.

3. The Revolucion World Wide Customer Preferred Program allows customers to purchase product at discounted pricing, without the responsibilities of  owning a Revolucion Business. Preferred Membership are for those who are not interested in the Revolucion Opportunity but want the lowest possible prices on are 100% whole natural food products. Preferred customer pay less than retail cost, and you have the advantage of being involved in our Autoship program without having to purchase new product. You can choose the date of your product any time you like when you want shipped.

4. Looking for the latest and ntural way to give your body a boost? Purchase START an all natural 100% whole food energy drink that works with the body and not against it. With this revolutionary drink you will be able to stay awake for hours with not crash afterwards. This is a great way to try the product to make sure you will love the product and we know you will.

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